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Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks (FHBP) works to protect the natural lands, waterways and beaches of Orange County, California.

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Get Outdoors, It Will Change Your Brain
Recent studies show that a walk in the park soothes the brain and ultimately improves our mental health. So, just like the researchers, we encourage you to get outside!

Where is the Water?
Canyon advocate Ray Chandos is begging the question: how come residents have to cut back, but developers don't? There seems to be a huge gap between what residents are being asked to do and what developers get to do.

Three OC Cities Ranked "Playful Cities"
A project of Kaboom and the Humana Foundation have ranked cities on their level of playful innovations by addressing challenges by solving "playability" issues. Anaheim, Costa Mesa and La Habra made the list.

Sign the Petition to STOP Saddle Crest
Help our friends in the Canyons by signing this petition to STOP the construction of Saddle Crest.

New Developments Get Limited Grass
The California Water Commission, in response to the drought, approved steep limits on how much water can be used in exterior landscaping for new construction projects (like houses, schools and businesses). Grass will only be able to cover 25% of the total yard area (front, side and back yards combined). This one step should reduce irrigation water use by 20% per home.

Irvine Fire Burnes 230 Acres
Firefighters are battling a blaze along Santiago Canyon Road. That area has had numerous blazes ignite there.

Irvine Coyote Attacks Prompt Warning
Removing sources of food that attract wildlife will help reduce human-coyote interactions. Recent events in Irvine led officials to warn residents about staying vigilant. Removing pet food, fallen tree fruit, and water bowls as well as sealing compost bins should help reduce the coyote activity.

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Please consider supporting our work. In addition to the above projects we also act as the fiscal agent for other community groups. Visit our Program section to learn more.

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FHBP is a county-wide non-profit umbrella group educating and inspiring the residents of Orange County, ensuring the protection and restoration of our natural lands and leading a coalition of conservation and community groups to this end. Our work is focused on the following ongoing and emerging projects:

Green Vision Project

Working to find and create funding for parks, open space and water quality.
M2 Mitigation Program

Learn about the habitat mitiation program in Renewed Measure M.
Healthy Communities Toolkit

Get your copy of the newly released Healthy Communities Toolkit !
Sustainable Development Environmental Review Committee

Endorsing urban developments that reduce greenhouse gases and vehicle miles traveled.
Safe Trails Coalition

Supporting appropriate trail use that provides safe, high quality experiences and protects natural resources.
General Plan Resource Directory

Get your copy of the General Plan Resource Directory!

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