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Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks (FHBP) works to protect the natural lands, waterways and beaches of Orange County, California.

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New Ditigal Democracy Opens Doors
In an attempt to open the doors wide for the public to see, learn and hear information about bills, committees and decisions that impact them, Digital Democracy has been unveiled. This is a product of Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom's effort to make our government accessible. Check it out!

Buena Park's Open Space Measure Fails
Buena Park's Open Space Initiative failed during the May 19th special election. Residents were asking that land designated as private and public open spaces require approval by voters before the land is converted to other uses. Developer interests outspent residents 10:1.

The Poseidon Adventure Sails On
The one item on the OC Water District agenda was the proposal to sign off on the Term Sheet negotiated between the District and Poseidon Resources to be used to formulate a contract for the purchase of water from Poseidon's proposed desalination plant in Huntington Beach. There were more than 100 speakers. The OCWD board voted to go forward with Poseidon and the Term Sheet.

Newport Beach to Enforce Water Restriction City of Newport Beach has now mandated a 25% reduction in their water use for businesses and residences. Compared to 2013, the City has reduced its water use by 7%, when the Governor asked for 20% voluntarily. The new mandate is 28%. Newport Beach is certainly moving in the right direction, where other water suppliers still have their heads in the sand.

County's Plan Could Ruin Great Park
The County of Orange plans to put shops, offices, residences and hotels on land near the Great Park. This has Irvine officials fuming because it doesn't fit with the vision of the Great Park.

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FHBP is a county-wide non-profit umbrella group educating and inspiring the residents of Orange County, ensuring the protection and restoration of our natural lands and leading a coalition of conservation and community groups to this end. Our work is focused on the following ongoing and emerging projects:

Green Vision Project

Working to find and create funding for parks, open space and water quality.
M2 Mitigation Program

Learn about the habitat mitiation program in Renewed Measure M.
Healthy Communities Toolkit

Get your copy of the newly released Healthy Communities Toolkit !
Sustainable Development Environmental Review Committee

Endorsing urban developments that reduce greenhouse gases and vehicle miles traveled.
Safe Trails Coalition

Supporting appropriate trail use that provides safe, high quality experiences and protects natural resources.
General Plan Resource Directory

Get your copy of the General Plan Resource Directory!

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